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If your business currently uses consumer-based mobile computer devices such as tablets, PCs or smartphones for shipping and inventory control, you may find that productivity and efficiency in your operations are less than stellar.

Barcode label reading errors and shipment delays caused by using technology that isn’t designed for your environment can hurt your bottom line. Investing in rugged, industrial grade mobile computer equipment designed for extreme working conditions can help get your profits back into the black.

Here are three reasons you can’t ignore that will convince you to consider industrial-grade mobile computers for your next tech purchase or upgrade:

  1. Long-Term Durability

Fact:  An industrial grade mobile computer lasts longer. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. A long life span means less frequent part replacement, which lowers your TCO (total cost of ownership).

As an owner or operator of a warehouse or shipping distribution center, the onus is on you to deploy equipment that runs efficiently flawlessly to keep production moving. Because of their durability, rugged mobile computers have a much lower failure rate compared to non-rugged models.

  1. Reliability in Any Environment

No matter what conditions your workers operate in, a rugged mobile device will remain fully operational over a broad range of temperatures. In addition, industrial grade mobile and vehicle mounted devices are rated for rough handling such as drops, tumbles and vibrations.  Dusty, icy and wet environments are harmful to the operations of electronics in general. Rugged mobile computer equipment will have a rating that shows how resistant they are to damage from liquids, ice and dust. If your business environment contains flammable or explosive vapors, the safety of your workers and facility is paramount, also evaluate the nonincendive rating on your rugged mobile devices to ensure prevention of accidental ignition.

  1. Enhanced Worker Productivity and Effectiveness

The ability for your workers to access information, collect data, and complete transactions is essential to keep productivity moving forward.  When comparing a rugged mobile computer vs. a consumer device for your business, keep these factors in mind:

  • The device must perform well when workers wear gloves. Small buttons may lead to mis-types and inaccurate entries.
  • The screen should be easily visible in any lighting condition. Poorly lit screens make it harder for workers to be efficient.
  • The speakers should be loud and clear for voice application functions. Noisy environments may hinder voice commands and lead to errors.

Also consider features such as Wi-Fi or radio connectivity, upgradeable scanner options, keypad options, and extended battery life capabilities. The efficiency of your operation will greatly improve when you have the best industrial-grade mobile computer suited for your business.

Imprint Enterprises is your source for finding quality rugged mobile computer equipment. Our industry and product knowledge enable us to customize your mobility solution – guiding your business on the path to a profitable success.

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