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Inefficient productivity and supply chain waste leads to lost profits for warehouse owners and operators. The problem is compounded when you use technology not capable of doing the job. Improve your production process and return to a more profitable business trend with these three must-have solutions.

Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

Storage and shipping facilities can be a rough environment for any equipment.  In order to keep production moving and cut down on supply chain waste, you need mobile computers and scanners that can withstand conditions such as extreme cold or hot temperatures, dust or smoke, as well as inadvertent drops and vibration. An ultra-rugged mobile device will help improve your employees’ ability to access the data they need to get the job done, despite these environmental factors.

Although there is an initial higher cost, ultra-rugged computers and scanners will lower your TCO (total cost of ownership) over time by helping your employees improve productivity and reduce human error, which in turn boosts revenue for your business.

Rugged 2D Barcode Imagers

Another way to avoid supply chain waste is to invest in rugged 2D barcode imagers. Traditional laser scanners have been around a long time and are still used today in many industries.  However, their barcode scanning limitations can lead to production delays.

Laser scanners rely on reflected light in order to collect the product information.  If a barcode is faded, poorly printed or not aimed directly at the label, the scanner will not be able to collect that data, which slows productivity and record accuracy.

2D barcode imagers have the advantage of being able to read any barcode such as 1D, stacked, 2D, and even postal barcodes. They don’t depend on reflected light to read the information. It takes a picture of the barcode and extrapolates the data quickly. A rugged 2D barcode scanner can be pointed at the label and be read from any angle.

The position or quality of the label doesn’t matter. A 2D imager will do the work for you and interpret the data without delay. This speeds up productivity and efficiency of your workers and helps limit supply chain waste.

Vehicle Mount Mobile Computers

Forklifts are no longer just for material handling duties — you can also leverage them as mobile information collection tools. Utilizing vehicle mounted computers gives your business the advantage of reduced material handling cost, better operational efficiency, safety compliance and lower capital expenses by integrating transport and data collection into one.

Here are other technical advantages of vehicle mount mobile computers that help reduce supply chain waste:

  • Multi-modal capabilities such as complex voice, on-screen, and intense scan applications
  • Rugged design to withstand harsh environments and vibrations of the vehicle
  • Automatic tracking of vehicle location and current status to improve workflow
  • Automatic pallet ID verification to prevent error in destination location — preventing shipment errors
  • Real-time tracking to optimize inventory accuracy and order fulfillment

Applying these technologies to your operation can improve efficiency and help you operate more profitably.  w. Consider how upgrading to an ultra-rugged mobile computer, rugged 2D imager, or vehicle mounted computers could benefit your business.

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