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Production disruptions hurt your bottom line. Shipping and inventory control for your warehouse or distribution center hinges on having the best processes and tools in place that keep your operation running smoothly — without disruption or downtime. Equipping your warehouse with vehicle mounted computers, like Honeywell’s Thor VM3, can help keep your processes moving efficiently.

There are many factors you should consider when choosing a vehicle mounted computer to ensure your investment will  help improve worker productivity and boost revenue for your business. Consider these five features any vehicle mounted computer should have to provide the greatest value and quickest ROI your warehouse.


A rugged vehicle mounted computer is engineered to operate in the most extreme conditions. Your mounted computer or tablet should be tough enough to withstand the demands of constant forklift functions and handle the potential for shock and vibration associated with them. Make sure that it is IP66-rated, which means it is designed to resist damage from exposure to dust or water — even spray from a nozzle.  By choosing a rugged computer, you can be assured you won’t constantly be dealing with failure, repairs or replacements because the device wasn’t intended for use in your warehouse or distribution center environment.


Depending on your particular applications, you will need to think about the computer power needed to run them successfully. Computers designed for industrial use have more processing power than consumer and some commercial-grade computers. The right computer will enable your employees to run applications without wasting time waiting for pages to load or data to process. In addition, investing in a more powerful vehicle mounted computer now will help you down the road when considering application or software upgrades.


When considering the installation of your vehicle mounted computer, screen size is an important decision.  How big of a screen do your workers need to be most productive? That depends on your applications and the tasks forklift drivers must complete. Also keep in mind that larger mounted tablets take up more space on the vehicle and may need different power requirements from the forklift.

Multi-Modal Capabilities

Forklift operators have conditions that vary depending on the facility environment.  A rugged vehicle mounted computer needs to handle voice prompts effectively in noisy situations. On-screen layout functions and intense scanning applications should work with ease despite poor lighting or extreme temperature changes.


A rugged vehicle mounted computer solution needs to have the flexibility to meet the requirements of your unique operation. Consider features such as:

  • Voice command options for hands free operation while driving
  • Multiple mounting options to meet the needs of your forklift model
  • Keyboard or screen defrosting for cold storage conditions
  • Electrical power options and conversion kits for easy installation
  • Optional power conversion and ignition control for dead vehicle batteries
  • Detachable screen and keyboard options for re-docking to another vehicle or replacement due to wear and tear

The right mobile vehicle tablet for your business is vital to continued future success. Imprint Enterprises can guide you through the selection process for a rugged vehicle mounted computer system, assuring appropriate installation options for your application needs.

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