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Businesses these days are more focused than ever on optimizing efficiency and eliminating unneeded or outdated processes. When it comes to navigating a warehouse or other business facility, speed and accuracy are important. Picking, packing, and shipping operations often rely heavily on warehouse labels and signs in order to locate and move the necessary inventory.

There is a large variety of warehouse labels and signs for businesses to choose from. Figuring out which types of labels and signs suit your warehouse design the best can be challenging, especially since the ones you choose will impact your facility’s efficiency. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of warehouse labels and signs and the types of businesses they are best suited for:

Warehouse Labels

  • Long Range Retro Reflective Labels: Although traditional warehouse signage depends on shorter distances for accurate scanning, long range retro reflective labels utilize polyester-based materials and microscopic glass beads that combine to reflect a scanner’s laser. This design allows employees to scan as far away as 50 feet.
  • Rack and Bin Labels: Rack and bin labels greatly improve organization and streamline the workflow of a facility; properly labeled shelves, racks, and bins make it much easier to identify the proper inventory.
  • Floor Labels and Kits: In some facilities, the most convenient place for labels is the floor. These labels can be placed anywhere in a warehouse, and the corresponding kits ensure they are properly protected from the normal wear and tear of an active workplace.
  • Warehouse Magnets: While labels tend to be more commonly used, warehouse magnets offer a great alternative for facilities that frequently relocate inventory. Adhesive labels can be difficult to remove and may leave behind residue, while magnets do not have that problem.

Warehouse Signs

  • Hanging Signs: Every warehouse is different, and sometimes the best way to make signs visible is to hang them up above so workers can easily spot them. Hanging signs are a perfect combination for long range scanners, like the Honeywell Granit 1981i, which is wireless, industrial-grade, and perfect for reading 1D and 2D barcodes from a variety of distances.
  • Bent Signs: Bent signs can be useful for warehouses that have narrow aisles, tall ceilings, or even poor lighting conditions because they can be configured to work easily with your barcode scanners. Honeywell’s 3800i industrial linear image scanner pairs well with warehouses that require bent signs because it is built with a rugged design that allows it to withstand drops and can perform in extreme environments.
  • Flat Signs: Flat signs are typically the least expensive type of warehouse sign, and they are also quite easy to mount or hang.
  • Aisle Signs: Aisle signs are fantastic for larger facilities because they help employees remember exactly where they are as well as get to where they want to go. These signs often feature large lettering and/or bright colors to help them stand out, which is perfect for workers operating forklifts or other vehicles.

Depending on the size of your facility, it might make sense to utilize a variety of the warehouse labels and signs listed above. For example, if your warehouse relies on forklifts with vehicle-mount computers – like the Thor CV31 from Honeywell – aisle signs and long range retro reflective labels would be a good combination. Many vehicle-mount computers, the Thor CV31 included, pair well with long range barcode scanners to make it easy to scan without having to get out of the vehicle.

Warehouse labels and signs can be placed almost anywhere, so take a look around your facility and begin to think about where they would best serve you. Some warehouse labels and signs are easier to relocate than others, so also keep that in mind if your facility reorganizes somewhat often.

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