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CTM 360 Series

Engineered for the Most Demanding Applications

The CTM 360 Series platform is an industry standard for label applicators, and the models that have evolved from it are designed to handle the full range of production challenges. These label applicators can be configured in merge, tamp, or blow-on application mode, offering flexibility. Modules can be easily switched from right- to left-hand dispensing mode to best fit your conveyor arrangement. Their electronic control assemblies are packaged as a single module, allowing easy removal for repair or replacement.

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Options for Every Business Need

The CTM 360 Series includes a variety of configurations:

  • The 360a Series Label Applicator accommodates labels from 0.75 inch to 10 inches wide and has secondary unwind and vacuum takeaway.
  • The 360a-FFS Form, Fill and Seal Labeler is designed to be compact for limited space and “tough to reach” applications. It features a snorkel that is adjustable from 18 inches to 30 inches for flexible labeling points.
  • The 360a-HS High Speed Labeler features dual microprocessor control and can dispense labels up to 5 inches wide at speeds of up to 2100 inches per minute.  It has a 20-inch unwind/rewind.
  • The 360a Integrated Loose Loop Labeler is a custom-designed combination of applicator and print engine mounted with a loose loop web path and control on a single u-arm. It can print and apply labels or dispense preprinted labels.
Mobile Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises

CTM 360 Series Product Features

  • Stepper motor with micro pulse driver for increased accuracy
  • “Self teaching” label sensor learns label length, label stop, and label sensor sensitivity
  • Easy on-site software revisions and upgrades with file encryption
  • Onboard I/O prewired to external connectors can accommodate low label conditions, rate and velocity compensation, profiling, zero downtime configuration, and more
  • Retroreflective scanner for product sensing
  • Color touchscreen display for easy set-up
Mobile Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises

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