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Extreme Networks – WiNG Express

Your wireless network is key to mobile device performance and overall productivity. Extreme Networks’ WiNG Express, enterprise-class wireless networking designed for small to midsize businesses, makes wireless local area network (WLAN) easy, even if you don’t have an IT department. Its WLAN operating system features an easy-to-use graphical interface and easy-to-understand network analytics and because it’s accessible through a web browser, you can manage it anytime, anywhere.

Is WiNG Express Right for Your Operation?

Do you have less than 25 access points at a single site or less than 1024 APs at multiple sites?

With WiNG Express, small businesses can grow from one to 25 access points without the need for a controller appliance, giving SMBs a low-cost option for enterprise-class wireless networking. To scale to up to 1,024 APs, add a WiNG Express manager.

Do you pay a fee to manage your own network?

Some small businesses manage their own networks, yet pay a fee. WiNG Express removes the per-access-point recurring fee, so there is no additional cost to managing your own network.

Do you need better support for your employees or guests’ wireless needs?

WiNG Express is based on proven architecture used by enterprises that leverage its ability to control network congestion and provide reliable connections.

Must-Have Features of WiNG Express

Deployment is simple — you can be up and running in minutes — and it’s scalable so your network can adapt to your growing business, whether you need one access point (AP) or hundreds of APs. WiNG Express allows you to add additional APs and will automatically discover and program them. Imprint Enterprises can show you additional ways WiNG Express can provide the wireless networking you need for your SMB.

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