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Your business is built on your ability to provide on-time delivery, excellent customer service and a stellar safety record. Real-time route optimization solutions give you the tools you need to automate many management, record-keeping, and regulatory compliance tasks so you can achieve those goals more easily and efficiently.

By combining RFID, GPS, real time location services (RTLS) and various mobile and communications technologies, real-time route optimization solutions give you capabilities such as setting delivery or service appointment schedules that provide maximum customer satisfaction while minimizing fuel, travel and labor costs. Because these solutions give you the ability to track vehicles and drivers in real time, you also have the power to adjust schedules to accommodate schedule changes or last minute customer requests.

Real-time route optimization solutions also provide you with up-to-the-minute insights into your operation that can help you increase revenue, profits, and productivity in three key areas:

  1. Asset management
  2. Personnel tracking
  3. Fleet tracking
  4. Determining the Quickest Route

Managing and Making the Most of Assets

Your business may be involved in moving inventory or perhaps moving heavy equipment or other assets. The RFID, GPS, and RTLS functionality of your real-time route optimization solution enables you to track and manage assets. RFID readers, such as the Honeywell IF2 fixed reader, can quickly and efficiently track items as they enter or exit your dock doors, keeping accurate records of inventory. Moreover, because RFID technology has the capability to store and read much more data than a barcode system, your solution can also track additional data, such as the origin or expiration dates of products or the maintenance records of heavy equipment.

Managing assets with your real-time route optimization solution also has another major advantage for your business: it eliminates the bottlenecks paper-based processes can cause. Enabling automatic data collection and transmission of that data to your business systems means no more waiting for drivers to update records — and no more time spent on record keeping when their time is better spent on activities that contribute to greater revenue and profits.

Always Have the Ability to Find Your Drivers’ or Field Workers’ Exact Locations

Real-time route optimization solutions provide you with tracking capabilities that can pinpoint your off-site workers in an instant. This information helps keep workers accountable when off site, and also gives you the ability to find an employee closest to a customer with an urgent request.

You can also use data from the solution to evaluate employee performance and monitor their behaviors such as whether they are following schedules or corporate policies to reduce fuel consumption, and even if they are speeding or violating traffic laws. This data can help curb the potential for safety or maintenance issues.

Greater Visibility into Your Fleet 

Just as real-time route optimization solutions can help you locate and manage drivers at any given time, it can also manage vehicles in your fleet.  These systems can provide visibility into vehicle performance in transit and schedule maintenance, when needed, at a nearby location.

The solution can help the driver navigate the route with GPS, and also share this data with your office that can reroute drivers as needed.

The Quickest Path from A to B

Real-time route optimization solutions allow you to plan a driver’s day, helping them to reach their destinations as quickly as possible and in an order that makes the most sense and racks up the fewest miles. This will help you optimize schedules to generate the greatest profits and help your team find more time to interact with customers rather than spend more time behind the wheel. With a real-time solution, you also have the capability to make changes or additions to a schedule or even reroute drivers to avoid traffic or weather issues.

What You Need to Compete

In a competitive market, real-time route optimization solutions can make the difference between an on-time delivery and customer service record that builds a loyal customer base and one that has your customers looking for new suppliers. Leverage this technology for greater efficiency and agility that makes you stand out from the competition.

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