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How much more could your business accomplish if you could gain an extra hour of productivity per worker, per day? The key to achieving that goal is as simple as choosing the right mobile computer for your applications. The latest generation of mobile computers, such as the Zebra TC8000, can decrease downtime and warehouse waste while increasing staff efficiency by as much as 14%.  These gains can not only increase your profit margin but also keep you strongly competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment. Here are four ways the right mobile equipment will boost staff productivity.

Improved Accuracy

Because mobile computers replace manual and paper-based processes with electronic capture, storage, and transfer of data, workers gain faster access to more accurate information. For example, mobile devices provide the most up-to-date monitoring of stock levels. Transparency and traceability are increased across the organization, resulting in greater staff efficiency.

Another way today’s models improve accuracy is by replacing traditional push-button keypads with all-touch keyboards. The Zebra TC8000 virtual keyboard allows users to type 40% faster and reduces the number of input errors by 60%. Its All-touch Terminal Emulation (TE) replaces legacy “green screen” TE and requires fewer interactions to complete tasks, which also eliminates chances for errors.

Easier to Use

The latest generation of mobile computers is more lightweight and ergonomically designed than ever. The TC8000, for example, weighs less than 18 ounces, which is 33% lighter than previous models. Productivity is improved when workers experience less muscle fatigue.

Traditional mobile scanner design required users to tilt the device in order to read the screen for verification after scanning an item. Another innovation of the TC8000 design is to place the screen facing the user while scanning. Eliminating the extra tilt motion not only shaves valuable seconds off of scan time but also reduces wrist motion by 55% and muscle effort by 15%. Staff efficiency is boosted both immediately and long-term, with a reduction in time lost to workers sidelined by repetitive-motion injuries.

Better, Faster Scanning

Eliminating “tilt and verify” motions isn’t the only way mobile computers increase scanning speed. Advanced 1D and 2D imaging technology can read a greater variety of barcode types (even partial or damaged barcodes), at a wider range of distances. The TC8000’s SimulScan feature can capture box or pallet labels with multiple barcodes in a single scan, and can read complex printed forms as well. And the TC8000 allows for even greater flexibility with wearable or mounted scanning.

Improved Battery Management

Staff productivity is greatly dependent on the reliability of their equipment. The right mobile computer will reduce downtime caused by having to swap out batteries or exchange the entire device for a fully-charged one. The battery in the TC8000 carries enough power to last three shifts, and when it does need to be changed, the battery can be hot swapped in seconds without powering down the device. There are also clear indicators when a battery needs to be replaced.

With all of the advances in today’s mobile computers, upgrading your equipment to a model such as the TC8000 is a sound investment. The cost of the devices can be easily offset by the gains in staff efficiency and productivity that will take your business to the next level.

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