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Zebra is a leading provider of barcode products, supplies, and services. As a Zebra partner, Imprint can extend those high-quality offerings directly to our customers. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find a Zebra solution, implement that solution, and ensure that it remains up and running with our expert support.

Zebra Partner: Imprint Enterprises


With Zebra’s wide array of products, your business is sure to find the right solution for all its barcode labeling and scanning needs. The XI printer series offers durability, consistent quality, and fast print speeds. These printers are a perfect fit for companies that demand high volumes of barcode labels for mission-critical operations, including maintaining UDI compliance. Zebra’s Z Series barcode printers empower businesses operating in tough environments to have a reliable printing solution, built to withstand even the most extreme every-day demands. These full-sized metal printers provide 10-inches-per-second print speed, so they can keep up with any business’s needs. The Z Series is ideal for manufacturing and warehousing applications, including everything from item and pallet labeling to UDI and other compliance labeling. The ruggedness and speed combine to make it a good fit for healthcare applications, including prescription labeling and lab sample tracking. When you combine Zebra’s barcode label industry knowledge with Motorola’s mobility solutions, you have products that are optimized for complete barcode labeling mobility. Zebra’s line of Motorola 2D imagers offer businesses a reliable way to scan 2D barcode labels, boosting productivity, enabling real-time track and trace capabilities, and promoting better decision-making. Zebra also offers mobile computers for any application, from the handheld MC9200 to the VC80 vehicle-mounted computer.  Rounding out the complete solution, Zebra customers can choose a wireless LAN, like the WiNG Express.


Investing in quality printers and scanners is only one facet of maintaining your barcode label system. Your business relies on supplies for those systems every day, including barcode labels and ribbons. With Zebra Genuine Supplies from Imprint, labels will be crisply printed the first time, so you can increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Additionally, by using Zebra Genuine Supplies exclusively, you could qualify for Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program. Using Zebra supplies will not only enable high-quality prints; you also won’t have to worry about unexpected printhead replacement costs because Zebra will replace them at no charge.


By choosing Imprint, you gain access to a quality service provider, dedicated to keeping your business up and running. Imprint is a Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP), meaning our staff has completed extensive Zebra training to become certified. Get the peace of mind that your products will be well maintained, as all certified service providers are endorsed by Zebra to complete on-site repairs, installation, maintenance contracts, depot repair, and technical support. Though no business owner wants to consider what would happen if a product breaks, being prepared is critical to keeping operations running smoothly. With the Zebra OneCare Select Program, you can exchange a faulty unit with a replacement one, shipped within 24 hours. It’s a worry free solution for your high-end Motorola products. Motorola’s Service from the Start program allows businesses to budget in advance for maintenance, preventing unexpected costs and downtime down the road. With Service from the Start, you’ll gain access to a support program backed by trained support technicians and certified repair facilities, giving you complete peace of mind. No matter what your industry or application, choosing Imprint gives you the products, supplies, and services your business demands from industry leading partners like Zebra.

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