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As good as warehouse employees are at their jobs, wouldn’t any manager want to help them be even better? A vehicle mounted computer can enable your forklift and equipment operators to reduce errors, locate and move products faster, and increase their productivity, all without having to move from the driver’s seat. Here are three ways vehicle mounted computers can turn your workforce into more efficient and productive employees:

  1. The Reality of Human Error

Paper orders get misplaced, memories fail and verbal communication is open to interpretation. With a vehicle mounted computer, however, drivers know exactly what to pick up because the items are displayed right on the screens in front of them. Vehicle mounted computers can also provide information on the items’ destinations, helping drivers get them to the right trucks for shipment.

  1. Removing Memory from the Equation

With a vehicle mounted computer, the driver knows where to find or to put away items, down to bin and rack, without relying on memory. Vehicle mounted computers also enable drivers to update records as soon as they move them through the warehouse or cross dock for shipping. This not only benefits the driver, but also gives your entire operation the benefit of real-time inventory data — and not having to rely on a driver’s ability to remember to update records in a timely fashion.

  1. Saves Steps and Work Faster

With a vehicle mounted computer, detailed information about storing product is at the driver’s fingertips at all times. Drivers don’t have to unplug from the warehouse management system (WMS) that other workers routinely leverage to help them be more efficient and productive. Without the need to exit the vehicle and walking to a stationary terminal or stopping and taking their hands off the wheel to use a mobile computer, vehicle mounted computers save steps, motions, and time, so drivers can spend their time more productively.

What to Look for in a Vehicle Mounted Computer

It’s worth mentioning that mounting any computer in a vehicle will not provide you the same value as choosing a vehicle mounted computer purpose-built for use in a warehouse environment. Vehicle mounted computers are designed and constructed to be rugged and to withstand the impacts and vibrations that can occur when used on a forklift. They are also designed to be compact and have a profile that doesn’t interfere with the driver’s view.

They also have other features that make them ideal for use on a vehicle. Honeywell’s Thor VM2, for example, is designed with ignition control to help prevent dead batteries and a field replaceable front panel for quick repairs. If more extensive repairs are needed or if the forklift needs maintenance, the Thor VM2 features a smart dock that allows it to be removed or moved to another vehicle, helping to minimize downtime. It is also available with optional screen blanking so the screen is not visible when the vehicle is in motion as an added safety measure.

Evaluate whether your operation could benefit from keeping forklift drivers connected with vehicle mounted computers.

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